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Wild Ridge


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Chill by Omega Alpha is an equine calming formula that calms the spirit and reduces stress without the horse losing any of his cognitive or motor skills. It focuses the mind and reduces distraction. 

Promotes And Enhances Relaxed Behaviour

Ziziphus jujuba, Biota orientalis, Polygonum multiflorum, Albizia kalkora, Triticum aestivum, Polygala tenuifolia

Serving: Give 30 ml – 100 ml (1 oz – 3.3 oz), 1 hour prior to exercise or event.
Syringe directly into mouth for best results.

Available in 1L / 1Q and 4L / 1Gal & 60 cc individual syringes

CAUTION: Oral use only. Shake well before use. Not recommended for mares in foal.