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Wild Ridge

Sana Fe Rodeo Shirt

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The Function: This rodeo shirt is not like your typical, run-of-the-mill, button up shirt. Nope! It is a performance stretch material rodeo shirt meant for optimal performance! It is lightweight and LOOKS like "real" button up but...PLOT isn't! It is comfortable and breathable for those long days in the sun and saddle! We wanted to make sure you could get the button up look without feeling like your fighting the fabric while competing. The stretch and comfort is unmatched! Best part doesn't wrinkle and only the first 3 buttons at the top are functional! The rest of the buttons are faux buttons so you don't have to worry about your shirt coming undone! MAGIC! 

The Fit: The fit is amazing! They do fit very true to size and run just a like unisex tee does. So, if you wear a small unisex t-shirt, you would wear a small in this! The tail is long enough to have your shirt stay tucked in and the arms are long enough to where when you're competing you don't look like a giant with tiny shirt sleeves. It's a delicate balance! This rodeo shirt does come equipped with 3 real snaps at the top and then the rest of the buttons are faux!